Meet Bree, a forward-thinker

Bree Grubisa - Director / Renewable Energy Consultant

Meet Bree, a forward-thinking figure in the clean energy industry. As the proud owner of Clean Energy Solutions, she and her husband also co-own a highly successful solar installation company, with a commendable 15-year track record in the solar field. Bree is known for her deep commitment to exceptional customer service within the solar industry, reflecting her years of hands-on experience and dedication to providing top-notch support. Her extensive knowledge and organizational skills have become her hallmark. Beyond her impressive professional journey, Bree is a devoted mother of three. In her free time, she finds solace and joy in the world of horses, embodying a well-rounded and vibrant life.
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560 Olive St Albury NSW

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My mobile number is 0400 289 927

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Mon-Fri 9am-5pm